Transform the way you feel about and speak English: unleash your natural ability to communicate with native speakers!

Here's what you get through your unique learning experience:

Curious? 🙂

Fully personalised

Learning style test to tailor the course to your specific way of learning. Exams preparation, general and business English

Materials we use

Online videos and audios. Since we’ll be a team, feel free to propose your favourite sources as well

Language application

Tailored exercices and conversations that you can use immediately in your everyday life

Looking after your every linguistic need

The process

1. Personalized learning style test to tailor the course to your specific way of learning.

2. Online Cambridge level test.

3. Audio files and/or videos with the summary of the lesson to support you with intonation and pronunciation.

4. Emails or pictures with the lesson plan before our meeting so you are informed and together decide if to modify/ change it, to suit your needs.

Something unique ..

If required, support through psychological tools that empowered me to use English naturally and get into the right mindset.

What people are saying...

Carmen B, Italy

"Thank you very much for your help, patience and constant support. I feel I’ve made great progress in my speaking abilities!"

Massimo R, Italy

"Thank you for your kindness, Dana. You’re always professional and friendly!"

Carlo M, Italy

"Thank you Dana for your complete support through these years! Your teaching methods helped me make excellent progress!"

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